The Four Aces Outfit

The Divisions

Shape your legacy

Leadership Division

“Absque servitio gratias ago”

“Service without thanks”

The Four Aces Leadership Division works tirelessly to coordinate all PMC Divisions and alliances to achieve victory. Developing strategy, training, protocols and procedures to keep PMC members sharp. Building strong diplomatic relationships with our allies whilst keeping our PMC foundation solid with effective conflict resolution. Behind every PMC mission is a member of the Leadership exercising critical thinking, decision making and maintaining the standard of excellence.

Combat Arms Division

“Ex cinere, crystallini”

“From Ashes, Diamonds”

The Four Aces Combat Arms Division is the shield and sword that protect the outfit’s endeavors. Combat Arms members secure cargo and the miners collecting it; hunt bounties and enemies of the organization; guard PMC territories and contract out as mercenaries. Trained to fight together they will do whatever is necessary to complete the mission and protect the PMC’s interests.

Discovery Division

“In libertate, Fatum”

“In Freedom, Destiny”

The Four Aces Outfit Discovery Division is the tip of the spear in all operations. Specializing in cartography, route mapping, prospecting, land claim, extraterrestrial diplomacy guarantees that these free spirits are on the forefront of any new PMC operation.

Acquisitions Division

“Tenebras lucem”

“Within shadows, light”

The Four Aces Acquisitions Division requires the savagery of a Combat Arms soldier and the cunning of an Enterprise financier. These members seek targets as UEE Privateers; salvage technology for use and sale; smuggle and trade within the black market. Their missions may not be socially acceptable. But their importance to the success of the PMC is not questioned.

Enterprise Division

“In omnibus, felicitatem”

“In all, prosperity”

The Four Aces Enterprise Division is the financial powerhouse behind the organization’s goals. Operators small and large work toward success in mining and cargo transportation; trade and sales; with technology development using their discipline, organizational, interpersonal skills to turn the highest profit.

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